Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Features

Yep! Beverage Director, Michael Avery, is going all out with the cocktails for Cinco de Mayo this year. We’re excited to be bringing in a new--and quite delicious--cider as well as introducing some inventive cocktails from the Casa archives (that’s right, we have archives).

Schilling Hard Cider - Mischief Maker Pomegranate

Michael wanted to have this one in for Cinco, but it also will be sticking around and added to our regular drink menu. Schilling is a Cidery out of Seattle, Washington, and they cover pretty much every conscientious base you can think of. Their ciders are vegan, gluten free, GMO free, no added sugar. And! They use 100% fresh pressed Washington Apples. Just writing that last sentence makes we want to drink their cider. Yum.

So, make a little mischief on Cinco De Mayo, and come in to try a unique cider with a “tart bite of Washington cranberry and California pomegranate.” And if that doesn’t entice you, how about the sweet can art? It’s like they made it just for us!

From the Archives

This year’s Cinco De Mayo cocktails are not just drinks. They involve recipes that are a little rare, a little risky, a lot awesome.

The Agave Margarita -- blanco tequila, agave nectar, agavero, fresh lime juice, salt rim

Agavero is a tequila liqueur made up of 100% tequila blended with damiana flowers. It’s a little sweet because of the agave element, but it’s also herbaceous and spicy. As is the case with so many tequila products, the bottle is really cool. I want to stick some flowers in it.

So, here’s why this margarita is so special: you can’t find Agavero anywhere. So, while we planned to have this cocktail on our earliest menus, we had to take it off because the key ingredient was off the shelves. Luckily, Michael recently tracked down a couple of bottles, and now we get to feature them for Cinco De Mayo! You’ll want to try this margarita soon because who knows when we’ll get to serve it again?

The Ancho Margarita - Lunazul blanco, Ancho Reyes, fresh lime juice, ancho-salt rim

Ancho Reyes is an ancho chile liqueur, and the first of its kind. The spice is subtle and accompanied by flavors like apple, almond, and cacao. According to their [quite good looking] website, the liqueur is “a smoky, heated celebración of the radical, the romantico, the independiente inside us all.” Sounds like Cinco De Mayo to me!

The Chapulin - Vida mezcal, Drambuie, lemon juice, simple syrup, mole bitters, pinch of Sal de Chapulin 

And finally, ladies and gents, we have the cocktail that I am 99% excited about, 1% terrified. The Chapulin should hit all of your taste buds with the smoky and spicy mezcal, sweet and floral Drambuie, sour lemon juice, and bitter from the mole bitters (a distillation of the spices used in mole sauce). The piece de resistance in this cocktail is the Sal de Chapulin, which is a seasoning made of chiles, salt, lime, and toasted, ground grasshoppers. According to Michael, “it has real bits of grasshopper in it, so you know it's good.”

Since most holidays celebrated in America are really just days to celebrate booze, this cocktail menu certainly fits that bill! Michael really outdid himself this time, and you’ve got to try these creations. We’ll offer these cocktails all weekend long, so feel free to celebrate Seis de Mayo, Siete de Mayo… you know, whatever works! Oh, and nothing says, “I love you, mom” like grasshopper bits!

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