Taco corridors, pop-ups and more: our team’s recent visit to Mexico

Good things come to those who travel, so that’s exactly what we did. This past spring our chef and other HOUSEpitality team members packed their bags and headed to the motherland (of our cuisine that is), Mexico! The crew said goodbye to Richmond and hello to Oaxaca, Tulum and Mexico City. This trip was definitely one for the books and gave us the inspiration needed to continue to provide our guests with the most authentic and delicious dishes possible.

There were several highlights to the trip with one of them being a visit to Rene Redzepi's seven-week pop-up restaurant, Noma, in Tulum, Mexico. Noma is a restaurant that originated in Copenhagen and was brought to Mexico to give a fresh twist to one of the world’s best restaurants.

“We would be lying through our teeth if we told you that Noma did not live up to its hype. From the handmade chairs to the fresh ingredients this place was creating original cuisine with ingredients from Mexico’s most iconic locations!” said Paige Healy, director of concept development for HOUSEpitality Family. “The pop-up was a once-in-lifetime experience.”

If you’re a fan of fresh street food, then you may want to add this next one to your bucket list. The taco corridor in Oaxaca. Something about the organized chaos and the fresh ingredients made it such a memorable experience for each of our team members on the trip.

“We ate at the Mercado 20 noviembre, and it was unbelievable. Vendors lined the street cheering at passersby to come buy their food and get a taste of what they had to offer,” said Healy. “Everyone had baskets that were piled with fresh meat, vegetables and tortillas, and after collecting the ingredients for lunch, it was grilled right there in front of us.”

Oaxaca, the Central Mexico city, has always been a source of menu inspiration for Casa del Barco and this visit was no exception. The Mercado 20 noviembre, also known as the “smoke alley”, serves as a huge influence to the conceptualization of Mexican restaurants across the U.S.

We are so happy to be able to share these experiences, and connect you to the inspiration and the ingredients behind our menu. In the coming months, keep an eye out for future features on the Casa del Barco menu inspired by these recent travels. We definitely have a few things up our sleeve from the trip!  Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to check out more photos and stay up to date on our future travels!

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