Belle Isle Moonshine at Casa del Barco

At Casa del Barco, we’re all about celebration, and what better way to create a party atmosphere than to start with a cocktail made with tequila - or moonshine? Of course, this isn’t any old moonshine that we use - it’s locally crafted Belle Isle Moonshine, which embraces the classic Southern legacy of moonshine while adding their own contemporary style.

In the same way that we reinvent traditional Mexican cuisine, Belle Isle Moonshine  starts with 100% organic corn that’s processed according to Virginia tradition, and then lets their creativity flow from there. Although moonshine gets a bad rap as far as liquor goes, it’s actually a smooth, versatile spirit that can be used in lots of fantastic cocktails!

Our friends at Belle Isle Moonshine have created several unique and creative flavor infusions of their spirit, including the Casa del Barco exclusive Ancho Chile Cinnamon blend, a spicy-warm flavor that adds depth to sweet and fruity cocktails, or a subtle kick to bold drinks.

Of course, that creativity and enthusiasm is matched by our bartenders over at Casa del Barco, experimenting with the flavor infusions and our own scratch-made mixers. The result: one-of-a-kind drinks like the Mule Kick, which combines the Honey Habanero Moonshine infusion with fresh mango puree, muddled fresh serrano peppers, and our house-made chili-infused simple syrup for that unbeatable sweet-and-heat medley that offers a twist on the traditional Moscow Mule. Meanwhile, the Momo Fang marries the toasty spice of the Ancho Chile Cinnamon infusion with fresh fruit juices for a tangy and bold fruit punch-like cocktail.

But why should the bartenders have all the fun? In the kitchen, our chefs  have experimented with the Belle Isle Moonshine as well, creating exciting and unique dishes that will make you think differently about Mexican cuisine and Moonshine alike! 

Take the Honey Habanero Moonshine Shrimp: served on a creamy bed of corn esquites with roasted shishito peppers, the pan-seared jumbo shrimp that serve as the cornerstone of this dish are glazed with a sweet-and-spicy moonshine reduction, for a Mexican interpretation of the Southern classic, shrimp and grits.

Belle Isle Moonshine and Casa del Barco both take traditional items of food and drink and create something fresh and unexpected.  Watch for more new and exciting creations thanks to our partnership with Belle Isle.

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